Professional Spin-Cast Large Diamiter Pipe Services in Florida

At Jennings Pipelining, we provide residential, commercial, and governmental properties with specialized sewer and drain pipe services. Every pipe system has multiple diameters of pipe that help us refine our approach to your pipeline problem and provide you with a long-lasting solution. Larger pipe diameters can often have different issues than smaller pipes, meaning that expertise in large diameter pipe repair is essential to their service and maintenance. Spin casting for large diameter pipes is a technology that allows us to service main sewer and drain lines that service large infrastructures or cities.

Spin casting is a process that avoids excavation while allowing us to achieve optimal results. The spin casting process happens without digging, providing the reliable service that was associated with the high costs of replacement construction at a more affordable rate. Larger diameter pipe restoration allows for the use of a spin casting method which extends the life of a larger main line while being an economical and structurally sound solution. Spin casting requires a small area of work that does not impact the landscapes and roadways surrounding where the service is being conducted, which allows business and municipalities to continue to function while service is provided.

The spin casting method is essentially a larger form of pipe lining because it cast a new cured-in-place pipe inside of the existing main line on a larger scale. Spin casting involves a spinning head moving through your pipeline to clear up all debris and build up. When the mechanism has reached the end of the pipe that need to be restored it moves backward casting a uniform layer of resin that will harden in place to create a new pipe. When the process is over, the new pipe will have sealed the pipes imperfections, restoring sewer and drain function.

Our team at Jennings Pipelining specializes in spin casting for large diameter pipes because it is a efficient method of pipe restoration. It requires minimal space and will allow work on larger lines that are essential to a structure or town’s daily functions.

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